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Hello Mushroom Racers,

Many thanks for purchasing tickets to our event. 

We hope that you are ready for your go karting experience! Here is everything you need to know about the event.

Location of the event:  GPK Columbus –1300 Alum Creek Dr, Columbus, OH 43209, USA

  • The location is about a 15 minute drive South East of Downtown Columbus via I-70 E

  • There are a multitude of buses that can get you to and from GPK Columbus– please check Google maps and make sure to arrive 30 minutes prior to the event as we cannot guarantee a slot time if your bus is late - as this event is sold out. However, we will try and accommodate people as best as possible​


All Drivers Must Be

1. Adult racers: 16 years old or older with valid ID AND 55’ tall

2. At least 48” (4ft) – Jr. Racers (ONLY 8:30am timeslot available) – No adults in Jr. Karts even if you meet the height requirement  - maximum weight is 200 pounds
2. Maximum weight is 300lbs for Adult racers

3. Photo ID to verify driver registration information



Everyone will have to sign a waiver – please print out, sign, and bring with you to the event as this will enable everyone a faster process upon arrival.




Please note that waivers are subject to change and will result in having to be re-printed and signed 


Arrival at the Track

Please ensure that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your session time noted on your ticket to register and be placed in your racing groups. For example if your session is at 9:00am please aim to arrive between 8:30am and 8:40am as the first race will head out at 9:00am sharp. If your group arrives late or you are unable to start on time, we reserve the right to delay your race schedule in order to maintain the schedule for other groups that are on time.


Event details

Once you arrive at the track the staff at the counter will be required to check your photo ID, there may be a line so we thank you for your patience during this process. Once your ID has been checked you will be put into your racing groups (12 people per group – TBC CHRIS) so be sure to arrive or find your friends before checking in to ensure you are racing together should that be your preference. Once you have been assigned your racing groups you can then head over to the costume area and select your race costume. Please arrive to the racing pit 10 minutes prior to your race session that you were allocated upon check in as you will need to get your helmet and have your safety briefing. If you miss your race we will do our best to get you into another race however we cannot guarantee this as every race session is full.


Each 2 hour session will have 10 groups that will race. After each race, the top 3 racers with the best lap time will be announced and will receive their prizes. 


The top 10 racers with the fastest lap time of the session will compete in a final race to determine the number 1 racer of the sessions


The person with the fastest lap time in each cityWILL BE GOING TO VEGAS.


During the session be sure to collect as many stars as you can for your chance to WIN additional prizes, remember that the top 3 people in the country with the most stars WILL BE GOING TO VEGAS. You can win stars by completing games, competitions and collecting stars from our onsite ‘Mushroom Rally’ star booth. Everyone will receive a game card and will receive star stamps by staff members who are onsite – so remember if you put your costumes back, are positive and friendly, you have the opportunity to gain more stars. At the end of the day, please make sure your card is put into the ‘Star Collection Box’ with your name, phone number, email and number of stars to ensure you have a chance to be selected.


The top 3 winners with the most stars will be announced via Facebook Live once all of the cities have been finalized! Make sure to follow us



Each guest is allowed to bring x1 spectator to the event, however, please be advised that games and prized will only be for the paying patron(s).


Can I wear my own helmet?

Yes, you can wear your own helmet at GPK Columbus as long as it is Department of Transportation (DOT) approved with full-face cover and equipped with a visor or goggles.


Your Safety Matters

GPK does not allow drivers to race who are under the influence of any amount of alcohol or drugs.  We reserve the right to refuse service; including administering a breathalyzer test, should a staff member suspect a driver is under the influence of either substance and you will not be allowed on the track.


Clothing To Bring

Wear or bring clean, dry indoor closed toed shoes. (running shoes or sneakers)Outside work boots, snow or dirt covered, high heels or sandals will not be permitted.


Food & Drink Policy
The track has bottled water, soft drinks, pizza, nachos, hot dogs, corn dogs, popcorn, cotton candy and snacks. We encourage all guests to eat prior to their session time if they are not interested in these options, as there will be no other food vender’s onsite


GoPro Policy

Go Pros can be used at the facility during the event. If you intend to use a Go Pro during your race, the Go Pro must be attached to your helmet. Either bring your personal DOT helmet with attachments or add attachments to any GPK helmet. Stick on GoPro mounts may be used, but will remain on GPK Helmets after the event. NO video equipment will be attached to the Kart or driver during the race. 



Please bring your session ticket with you on the day for scanning; your ticket includes costumes hire, 1xrace, games, winner prizes & medals


Please note this is not a street race but is a themed go karting experience which we hope you enjoy! 

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